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It is my pleasure to share these Shamanic Wisdom Teachings.

According to Sun Bear’s Earth astrology, the Snow Goose is the animal totem of people born between Dec 22-Jan19. The corresponding sun sign in zodiac astrology is Capricorn.

The Shamanic Wisdom Teachings tell us that animal totems can help us to understand our patterns and behaviours and make sense of them. It is also helpful to understand the characteristics of the people around us.

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Study the Habitats and Habits of the Animal Totems

Do they live on land, in the water, can they fly?
Are they pack animals or loners or both?
What do they eat? How do they hunt and capture their prey?

Powerful Medicine

The goose can also be a totem to aid you in communication especially through the use of stories. Think about Mother Goose story. Its feather for a long time was the standard writing instrument. Individuals wishing to write- be it stories, wisdom teachings or anything- can facilitate the process by working with the goose as a totem. It will stimulate the imagination and help move you through creative blocks. Writing with a goose quill pen will help this even more…

The goose epitomizes the mystery of migration. They constantly shift formation, creating wind drafts and easier flights for those behind them in the formation. This reminds us that as anyone individual makes his or her quest, it becomes easier for others to do so as well. They never fly directly behind one another. Each goose’s view is unobstructed, reminding us that we should not undertake any quest in life without having a full view of what it entails. In other words, we need to have a clear vision of our dreams and desires. What outcomes are we looking for in our life?

The V formation is very symbolic in itself. It reflects by its shape and opening to new possibilities. It is like an arrowhead, pointing to new directions and new possibilities, with one and open, it also reflects an openness to new ideas. The V as a letter comes from the Hebrew quotes “VAU” meaning “nail”. This formation usually indicates we are about to affix ourselves to a new path.

Adapted from Animal-Speak by Ted Andrews.

Learn to Use the Power

We need to have a clear vision of our dreams and desires. 
What outcomes are we looking for in our life?
What is the new path that you would like to live your ideal life?

Family Unit

The unity of the geese as they fly is an inspiration and message that none of us can live alone. The message is to help each other and to rely on each other.

Sun Bear Speaks

“Some species of snow geese travel 5000 miles each year from their nesting grounds in the Canadian subarctic [what I call the high arctic] to the Gulf of Mexico and then back again. In their migration, they fly that loose V pattern, usually with an adult female as the lead goose…

The colour of the snow goose people is the weight of the snow itself, that magical form of water that flows down to earth, each flake in its own special form, making everything look fresh, sparkling, clean and new.” The Medicine Wheel-Earth Astrology by Sun Bear and Wabun

Your Colour

As a snow goose you may want to wear white. Open yourself to new possibilities, new dreams, a new path for your life.  

My Snow Goose Friends

My snow goose friends love to travel. They certainly associate with the snow goose who migrates every spring and every fall. They love the environment of nature. It feeds their very souls.

Apply Snow Goose Medicine

With the snow goose as your animal totem, you may travel to far corners of the globe physically or in your imagination. Release the constrictions of your childhood and come into your own. It’s time to make your new dreams. A life you design.

Use your animal totem and these shamanic wisdom teaching to find your freedom.

That’s ZESTY.

Celebrity Snow Goose People:
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