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It Wasn’t Easy Then, and It’s Not Easy Now.

Heal the Hurt with DIY Recognition

For all of history, the longing for recognition and validation has remained a basic human desire. Mary Kay Ash said it best: “The only thing people want more than sex and money is praise and recognition.” Some of our earliest memories, as children were hoping for a sign of acceptance and appreciation from our teachers and classmates – it wasn’t easy then and it’s not easy now. Many of us may have unrealistic expectations about what praise and recognition look like and feel like based on our life experiences.

DIY Recognition: Crafting Our Own Love Letter

We can all imagine receiving that perfect letter of praise and recognition and how it would make us feel warm and fuzzy. This Sacred Practice of writing our own love letter is a powerful first step towards connecting with ourselves. It’s a profound act of self-recognition and love.

Step 1: Gather Praises and Kind Words

All of our lives we are told nice things, we receive praise and recognition, we’re just not very good at accepting compliments and remembering them. Let’s gather the kind words, praises, and acknowledgments we’ve received over the years. This could be anything from heartfelt notes from friends, appreciative messages from colleagues, and acknowledgment that touched our souls. (I keep a file of the cards I’ve received.)

Step 2: Celebrate Ourselves

What do we love about ourselves? We could easily complement each other, now is the time to do it for ourselves. Think about all we have accomplished, no accomplishment is small, they are all a big deal to us. Success is defined any way you want it. It’s the S in ZEST.

Our Challenges Gave us Resilience: Consider the challenges we’ve faced and overcome. There might have been days when getting out of bed or brushing our teeth were significant victories. Acknowledge these moments as they are a testament to our resilience and strength.

Step 3: Infuse Love and Gratitude

As we write these love letters, let’s infuse them with gratitude for our journey and the person we’re becoming. This is a love letter, so let love and appreciation flow freely.

It wasn’t easy then and it’s not easy now. A love letter has opened the door to our hearts and healed some hurts. Your DIY recognition and self-love letter are essential steps in nurturing your relationship with yourself, and they can beautifully align with the profound experiences offered by the Shamanic Journey. Is this transformative adventure the next chapter in your personal growth story?

There’s an opportunity to:

:: Deepen your connection with your inner self on a soulful level.

:: Cultivate meaningful connections with others.

:: Rekindle the life force energy of nature.

🍊 🍊 🍊 🍊 🍊 🍊 🍊 🍊 🍊

You’re invited to a transformative experience that merges Ancient Wisdom with our need for meaningful connections. This sacred journey is inspired by the teachings of Shamanism—a path of exploration, discovery, and healing. I’m thrilled to introduce you to teachings deeply rooted in Ancient Wisdom and Shamanism.

Ready to break free from the ordinary and embrace a new relationship journey?

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