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How Can Shamanism Help You In Business & In Life?

The world was turned upside down by the global pandemic. 

And when the dust started to settle, many women had an awakening.

They started to own their leadership, their skills, and their resilience. The principles that are in the books written by men and for men embrace success in the workplace. This corporate business landscape served these women well.

Satisfied with their professional progress…

And yet, there’s an inner longing that is unsatisfied. 

Are you this woman?

Seeking to reconnect with your core, to build the life you want to lead and the world you want to live in. The woman who wants more freedom and expansion, but doesn’t know where to start.

You can learn to stand in your power in the male-dominated world, and develop the courage to speak up. Shamanism gives you confidence and vision to do that so that you can tap into your innate feminine power and maturity to support the greater good.

Transformation is waiting for YOU.

As a Shamanic Executive Coach, I open access to rituals, ceremonies, connection with nature, plus the understanding of the feminine and masculine energies.

The advice can be as simple as: “When you’re going to a meeting with men, wear blue. If you are going to speak, wear a blue scarf. Or I can explain that blue is the most universally appealing color on the spectrum because of its non-polarizing traits. It is calming and relaxing. It gives a soothing feeling of peace. It also gives the impression of trust, authority, responsibility, and loyalty. 

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is the world’s oldest spiritual path and has existed since long before religions were organized. These ancient teachings bring us into synchronicity with life.

It is the path to the spiritual higher self by promoting practices of self-discovery and soul evolution. These sacred practices awaken and align with the natural self for healing and personal transformation. Bringing guidance and perspective for practical use in our contemporary lives and in our business careers.

It’s challenging to feel like you’re in power and control. We’re all sharing the constant state of fear, stress, and tension about the unknown and the uncertainty. It’s human nature to be fearful in times of uncertainty. It usually keeps us safe. It’s also human nature for women to step up and make things better.

What you settled for before is not enough. Your personal story is about leadership. Step into Your Leadership role. Step into the woman you are meant to be. Leave a legacy that others can follow.

YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH. Your deep self-confidence is bursting to step out.


Get in control of your day, so you can get more done, take more time off, and have less stress.

Get in control of your life, so you can enjoy the freedom you crave, the joy and happiness you deserve.

Be open and receptive to welcome prosperity and abundance.

YOU are part of a new group of business professionals who come from a centre of integrity and service.

Where Do You Want To Be In 6 Months?

Increase your overall happiness and enjoy a higher quality of life.

Break free of negative self-talk, beliefs that don’t serve YOU and rediscover yourself.

YOU can do this with accountability, guidance and a mentor who will keep you honest and on track.

Why I am dedicated to sharing Shamanic Wisdom?

Many years were spent studying ancient wisdom teachings from a variety of gurus and teachers. A vision quest in 2003 led me to formal shamanic studies gathered from around the world including Egypt, Africa, Anglo, Christianity, Judaism, North America, Tibet, and more.

It is my soul’s purpose to be of service in love and beauty. My mentor said to me: “You immersed yourself into the Shamanic studies – you took the good lessons and made them your own. Your magic is doing for others what you did for yourself.”


1:1 Influence Builder Leadership Wisdom Teaching©

Created for you to have a framework in place within six months, that will lead you to organize your time, effectively manage your energy, and learn to have confidence in yourself so that you will be more efficient and have less stress.

Together we develop a strategic plan and lay out the exact steps you need to give your life and your business career a boost.

The best part is, working in this way creates forward movement very quickly!

When I designed this special program, I had you in mind.

No more beating yourself up, no more saying “I don’t have time” or “I’ll start someday when…” 

You’re absolutely excited and dead serious about moving to the next level and beyond.

Assess & Review


Define Your Unique Purpose

Effective Conversation Techniques

Return on Invested Time


  • Review where you are and where you want to be.
  • Uncover exactly what energies are stopping you.
  • Fully utilize your super powers to create your new ideal vision.


  • Decide what your values are today to build a better tomorrow.
  • Identify your top values and your bottom values.
  • When you know your values, you can create the future you want.


  • Define your unique purpose with clarity to leave chaos behind.
  • What do you want to leave as your contribution to the world?
  • Use a powerful visualization tool, to get you to where you want to be.


  • Remove confusion to feel confident during any conversation.
  • Avoid miscommunication crises that cost time, money and energy.
  • Improve problem solving skills by using clear questions and directions.


  • Learn time management principles that actually work.
  • Feel confident in exactly what you need to be doing and when.
  • Identify and reduce time wasters and implement easy effective solutions.


Our clients have said that we deliver results…

Thanks for opening my mind to something that is happening in everyday life that you just don’t realize.

These skills have literally changed my life. I have learned a lot of valuable skills in your course.

It showed us communication and organizational skills.

It showed us the basics of problem solving.

It taught me how to be calm in pressured situations.

You’ve helped me with a lot of different situations.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Does This Really Work?

Yes! This is an approach to discover what has you stuck, release and get into the flow.

Why Do I Need A Life Coach?

You feel stuck. You’re ready to re-evaluate and change your life. You need someone to confide in, someone to share your inner most feelings with. You don’t want to burden your friends and family.

How Soon Can I Expect Results?

“It only took a few minutes, and a couple of observations for Linda to walk me through a process that made absolute sense when I saw them through her eyes.” A. S.

“After having a brief meeting with you, I knew that this was the type of program would help me adjust and grow in ways for me to truly reclaim my power.” A. T.

What Are The Benefits Of Coaching?

These benefits were identified by coaching clients from an International Coaching Federation survey:

80% of clients improved their self-confidence

73% of clients improved their relationships

72% of clients improved their communication skills

67% of clients improved their work-life balance

Do You Only Work With Woman Executives?

I work primarily with women. You have achieved what you thought you wanted and now you want more. You realize that some areas of your life have been neglected while others got too much of your time and energy.

You are ready to actively balance your life.

What Are Leadership Wisdom Teachings?

As a lifelong learner, curiosity brought me to study ancient wisdom teachings from a variety of gurus and teachers. A vision quest in 2003 led me to formal shamanic studies. Combined with over 25 years of experience in the public, private and non-profit sectors have been integrated into Leadership Wisdom Teachings to bring ZEST to today’s Executive woman.

“Linda’s super hero talent is connecting to her spiritual side, formulating ways that women can use her wisdom to move forward.” Violette De Ayala, Founder and CEO of FemCity.

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