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Celebrating Mother’s Day in a new way

As we celebrate Mother’s Day with overflowing love and gratitude, let’s step into a space that is often overlooked—the sanctity of the womb. Lynn V. Andrews wrote in her book, “For power to come to you, you must make a place within yourself for that power to live.” For me and many others, that sacred space is the womb.

We all have a Womb Space

We all have a womb space and we all come from a womb. I don’t have a womb and neither do men. The space of the second chakra is the womb space and connecting to that space is where the magic happens.

The Power of the Womb

The womb, sometimes referred to as the Holy Womb, serves as more than a vessel for birthing life. It embodies an unbroken lineage to the divine feminine, connecting generations past and present. Its influence extends beyond physicality, with men also drawing upon its feminine strength and beauty.

The Profound Significance of the Womb

But why focus on the womb? Situated in the space of the second chakra, the chakra of creativity and inspiration, it holds profound significance. It is the centre of perpetual joy, a repository of timeless wisdom and sensuality. It births not just life but spiritual renewal—a second birth for man, a ceaseless flowering for a woman. It stands as a sanctuary, alchemizing pain into purity, and fear into love.

Tapping into the Womb’s Power

Our connection to the womb surpasses mere biology; it merges our emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual energies.

Here’s an exercise: Take a moment to unlock the power within by placing your hand upon your womb space, right now. Feel its warmth, its energy pulsating beneath your touch. In this simple act, you harness the sacred energy of the Holy Womb, reestablishing conscious communion with your inner strength and highest potential. Emotionally, you find clarity and balance; physically, you embody vitality; mentally, you harness alertness and consciousness; spiritually, you commune with your higher selves.

Unearthing Authentic Power

In nurturing this connection, we unearth a power unattached to the trappings of ego—a power rooted in authenticity and resilience. True power, as we realize, is not about dominion over others but about surrendering to the innate wisdom of the womb, allowing it to guide us toward collective enrichment.

Honouring the Essence of Motherhood

Honouring the womb becomes a homage to the essence of motherhood itself. Regardless of whether we’ve known the embrace of a biological mother, we’ve all been cradled within the sacred confines of the womb. It is the fountain of life’s beginnings, the silent witness to our journey of becoming.

Embracing Collective Resilience

As we navigate the complexities of life, let’s not forget the womb’s enduring presence within us—a testament to our shared ancestry, and our collective resilience. In honouring the womb, we honour the mothers who birthed us, the grandmothers who preceded us, and the countless generations of women whose strength courses through our veins.

Embracing the Sacred Energy of the Womb

So, this Mother’s Day, let’s pause to pay homage to the womb—the silent sentinel of creation, the eternal wellspring of feminine power. By embracing its sacred energy, we unlock our potential and the collective destiny of humanity itself.

Harnessing the Sacred Energy of the Womb

In conclusion, as we reflect on Mother’s Day and celebrate in a new way, let’s not overlook the profound power and significance of the womb.

Take a moment to engage in the exercise mentioned earlier—placing your hand upon your womb space. This simple act can unlock a wellspring of power within you, providing clarity, vitality, alertness, and spiritual connection. It’s an opportunity to relieve stress, get grounded, and tap into your authentic power.

By honouring the sacred energy of the Holy Womb, we pay homage to motherhood, unlock our individual potential and contribute to the collective destiny of humanity. So, this Mother’s Day, let’s be grateful for the sacred energy of the womb and the life it has given us.