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Linda Babulic’s approach is like no other. I would recommend her to anybody who wants to find their dreams, live a better life and feels they need just a personal touch beyond all the books you can read.

Rebecca Pearson

President, Chief Marketing Officer, Weconnect international

I was in need of direction with my businesses. After 4 months, I am further ahead and have tools to better organize myself for success. Linda’s positive outlook and coaching built up my confidence and started me off on my journey to fully ZEST my life.

Raphael Cohen

Business Professional

I was feeling stuck, frustrated and spinning in circles. Hiring Linda was the best decision I could have made for myself and my business. Linda helped me regain control of my dreams and goals.

Alison Smith

Real Estate Sales Representative

My experience with Linda was awesome. She taught me to put my priorities in the order and ever since I have balance in my personal and professional life. I’m a lot happier, more organized and focused.

Joanne Clement

Indpendant Consultant, Arbonne International

I was worn out and had lost sight of my dreams and becoming less motivated. Having Linda as my life coach has helped me find my direction to my dreams. Linda is not only my coach for my thriving business that has doubled (in only 4 months), she also coaching me through my personal life to balance the two.

Sarah Cross

Owner, Salon Bliss

Linda embodies the ZEST that she inspires in others to awaken, develop and actualize inner wisdom. She has supported me in zeroing-in on my personal and business goals. If you need professional training for employees, business coaching or a vibrant public speaker for your conference, Linda should be the first person you call.

Christina Devine

Digital Marketing Strategist

Linda is a master of making the complex accessible. She ably synthesizes the most important work from many fields of study. Her work is certain to impact this generation of women and many to come. Linda Babulic is a fabulous example of a truly empowered woman who is making a huge positive impact on the world. She richly deserves the acclaim she is receiving.

Astrid Pregel

President, Feminomics

From being exhausted, scattered and unfocused to a tangible vision for my company. With her guidance, I’ve made the necessary staff changes to focus and meet set targets. She also provided training for my staff.

Linda has the amazing ability to ask the right questions, see the root of the problem, and find strategies that work to get fast effective results. It has made a big difference in my business & also in my life.

Josée Brisson

CEO, Josée Brisson Insurances Inc.

Linda has a true gift of insight and is a master at restoring and renewing the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels of being. I came away with a great sense of personal wellbeing and inner calm which helped me create a detailed map of my professional future. I highly recommend working with her if your personal and business vision is clouded.

Konnie Keyworth

Digital Marketing Strategist, Keyworth Media