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How to Create Connection

The Spark That Builds Relationship
Oct 19thOct 20th

This workshop will dramatically change your business and can ZEST every connection you have, from the boardroom to the bedroom, and all points in between.

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Tuesday, Oct 19 @11:30am EDT

Wednesday, Oct 20 @7:30am EDT

In this powerful workshop you’ll have:

    Energy that ignites the spark to meaningful relationships…
    Smooth, powerful, introduction blueprint…
    Impactful actions to take before, during and after each meeting…
    Confidence to know exactly what to say…

    Finally… stand out, get noticed, and boost your business!

“I like how you explain how you can tune your energy to fit each situation. You pour your energy in a form that people can benefit from it…” Anna Elize


“Linda Babulic uses her knowledge, expertise and experience to provide the foundation for you to uncover, activate and unleash your ZEST.Janet Christensen, Speaker, Coach and Award-winning Author


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How to Create Connection…The Spark That Builds Relationship




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 Let’s add the spark to your connections.

Take the guesswork out of building relationships.

Join Linda to ignite your inner fire!

Who is Linda?


Linda is passionate about lighting the inner fire of heart to heart connection.

The Founder of ZEST Your Life | ZEST Your Business and creator of numerous courses and programs. Linda specializes in working with women to crystallize what they want in business and life so that they are in power, control and leading their best life.

Driven by her perpetual curiosity, she was led to her first vision quest in 2003. She gently integrates, interprets and synthesizes the shamanic wisdom for today’s world. Her #1 International Best Seller ZEST Your Life–A Taste of Inner Wisdom is encoded with ancient shamanic teaching.

“When you truly step into your leadership and into your power, you can build a better world. I can help you tap into that.” ~ Linda Babulic