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Hi, I’m Linda
An experienced Shamanic Life Coach, offering programs and coaching for YOU to figure out what you really want in your life.
“If you are not paying full attention to your life and consciously deciding where and how you want it to go, you’ll soon be blown around like a leaf in the wind. Everyone else will be in control of your life and you will be left feeling listless and remorseful for the life you could have had.”
::  Unlock the dreams that live within your heart.
::  Develop a solid Vision of what you desire.
::  Crystallize what YOU want in business and life.
Be guided to magnetize your deepest desires in the areas of love, life purpose, career, health, prosperity, and self-care in this free mini-workshop.
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Hello, your dreams are calling, they want to come home

Ancient Wisdom Teachings tell us that everything begins in the imagination. That’s where dreams come from.

Design and manifest the life & business that you want in less than an hour. This quick, easy mini-workshop will clarify your vision and build the foundation for your deepest dreams.

>>>Step into your power to build a better life, a better business, and a better world<<<

It’s what my clients use so that they’re in power & control of their lives!

Take a walk around the path of the Medicine Wheel. What is your vision in the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual aspects?

What if you could make your deepest Dreams come true?

And become the Leader of your life in 6 months or less.

wisdom teachings wheel with orange zest

When did we all stop believing in magic?

Why did we put all our hopes in a box in the attic?

Katy Perry – Daisies


be committed to yourself

reveal your authentic self, to trust your deep knowing and to release your powerful energy

realize your deepest potential and step into your inner wisdom and infinite power 

be the highest version of yourself

ZEST Your Life


Z: Zero-in on what You want

E: Energize Your dreams

S: Step into Your power

T: Transform Your life


enthusiasm, passion, love, gusto, enjoyment, excitement, energy, spirit, relish, get-up-and-go, eagerness, joy, sparkle, dynamism, high spirits, zip, zing, zeal

With Linda’s one-on-one mentoring, I realized my value and self-worth. I conveyed my accomplishments to management. As a result, I was awarded a one-time monetary reward and a 10% wage increase. I truly believe I would not have pursued this or realized my value if it wasn’t for reading her book, ZEST Your Life and the one-on-one guidance from Linda.

Natalie N.


Three Ways We Can Get Started Together


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Are you looking for a source of inspiration, guidance, and support on your spiritual journey? Look no further than my YouTube channel, where I share Ancient Wisdom teachings and shamanic practices. I upload new content regularly, so be sure to subscribe to my channel to stay updated on the latest videos.

ZEST Your Life!

Unlock your true potential and live your best life with my personal life coaching. Harness the power of shamanic practices to gain insight and guidance. Connect with your inner wisdom, release limiting beliefs and stand in your power. Book a session now and start your journey towards a more authentic and fulfilling life.

ZEST Your Business!

Mentoring and coaching to align you and your staff to meet the goals and objectives of the organization. I work with you and with your staff to increase employee satisfaction, boost productivity and create a more authentic and fulfilling work environment. Book a session now and start zesting your business!


What People Are Saying

I went from exhausted, scattered and unfocused to a tangible vision for my company, a clear avatar of my ideal client and I changed my view of myself as a confident leader and CEO. With her guidance, I made the necessary staff changes to focus and meet set targets. Linda is the first coach who would also provide training for my staff.

Linda has the amazing ability to ask the right questions, see the root of the problem, and find strategies that work to get fast effective results. It has made a big difference in my business & also in my life.



Linda is a master of making the complex accessible. She ably synthesizes the most important work from many fields of study. Her work is certain to impact this generation of women and many to come.

Linda Babulic is a fabulous example of a truly empowered woman who is making a huge positive impact on the world. She richly deserves the acclaim she is receiving.



Linda comes with a wealth of knowledge and exercises about women who are trying to make career choices, life choices and other important decisions. 

With her corporate background, long standing marriage and her own experiences, as well as new experiences from her robust network, she always has new insight. 

I would recommend her to anybody who wants to find their dreams, live a better life and feels they need just a personal touch beyond all the books you can read. Linda Babulic’s approach is like no other.



Linda’s ZESTY approach and fun samples reminded us of the importance of working together and understanding our differences and to utilize them for the best of our company. We really enjoyed every minute of this training.



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