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Finding freedom within– a journey to reconnect.

Creating a new relationship with yourself begins with the power of self-awareness.

Embarking on Our Journey: Understanding Emotions vs. Feelings

Tuning into our feelings is embarking on a transformative journey, an exploration of profound reconnection with the very essence of who we are. Re-shaping our lives by discerning emotions from feelings. The two words are often used interchangeably.

Emotion is a physical impulse – it’s automatic. We don’t get to control it. A feeling we can shape with our thoughts. What we think about something, what we believe about it. When we think about the past and we experience the grief or loss and we still feel like we’re there in that emotion, we are not in that emotion. We’re in a feeling now. And we can change that. Redirect our thoughts and the energy will shift into a power force. A power force that propels us into harmonious vibration, resonating with the fulfillment of our deepest desires in every aspect of our lives.

Let The River’s Flow Be Our Guide To Emotional Maturity

Feelings are like the water in the river: flowing, overflowing, stuck in a damn, clear, murky, fluid, frozen, rushing, calm, always in action, and ever-changing. Let’s explore that analogy a little more. When they are murky, stuck, or angry, they are like ice—a rigid and solid block of energy—that can’t move. Over the years, we develop patterns that are triggered by particular situations and prompt a habitual reaction. We react from the maturity we had when the first similar feeling occurred. Maybe we were only 5, 6, or 7 years old. We are responding from the perspective of the child.

Creating and achieving conscious emotional maturity is the journey from the hopeless confused victim, who blames others, can’t make decisions, and can’t cope with her feelings to the authentic woman who trusts her inner knowing, continuously improves understanding and control, and can see what matters and what doesn’t. Trust your thoughts to control your feelings and to guide you, not control you.

It takes practice, but we can apply emotional maturity to everything we say and do. We choose our response and state of being from the maturity we have now. We can all relate to when we are clear and living in a calm, gentle flow.

Expanding Into Emotional Maturity

Sometimes feelings may cause us to contract, pull into ourselves, and we are imploding. We don’t want to see anyone. We’ve got a secret. We’re anxious, afraid, ashamed, embarrassed, or depressed. We don’t want to get stuck in this state.

Every time that I have done that in my life it has turned out badly for me. Once in a while, I still screw up by trying to please others or by doing too much and not listening to myself. I know it is happening because I have contracted or gotten sick.

We awaken to experience what our body feels going on around us. The more often we do this, the easier it is to do it intentionally. Our intuition guides us to be present and alert in every moment. Take the time to examine, process, and understand a situation. Look at it from different points of view and ask questions that lead us to the right decision for every step of our life.

It may seem contradictory, but I know that when I was most miserable I was healing to overcome my perceptions and beliefs regarding my regrets, what or who hurt me, and what I resented. My thoughts put me in a very dark place.

Healing Through Understanding: The Power of Our Emotional Maturity

It takes courage to sort out the real truth about the situation and understand what had gone on from the perspective of maturity and not from the wounded, contracted ego.

Emotional maturity shortens the recovery time from when we are presented with challenges to when we find our balance of energy. Even in the most challenging situations, we can choose how we react. Now we’re the drivers in our lives—not the passengers being pushed and pulled by feelings. We experience a gain in energy, and that’s nice—very nice.

Decision-making works best when we follow the feelings of expansion, love, and joy and go for that. That’s an energy booster because it’s in alignment with our authentic self and our purpose. It creates the feeling of being connected to the world, loving others, and knowing that they love us. We sit up straighter and when we stand, we feel taller.

Three Steps to Tune Into How You Feel on the Journey to Reconnect

>> When your thoughts are causing shaky feelings. Put your left hand (heart side) on your forehead, and capture just one thought. Bring your hand to your heart and flood that thought with love.

>> Pay attention and feel your body and how it changes in only a few moments. “I am tired.” “I am mad.” “I am fed up.” “I am excited.” “I am happy.” “I am doing great things.”

>> Breathing with your hand on your heart shows you how to feel the mind/body connection. It clearly illustrates how the mind/body connection is the interdependence, influence, and communication that the mind and the body have on each other.

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