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It is my pleasure to share these Shamanic Wisdom Teachings. According to Sun Bear’s Earth Astrology, the otter is the animal totem of people born between January 20 and February 18. The corresponding sun sign in zodiac astrology is Aquarius.

Animal Totems

Animal totems can help us to understand our patterns and behaviours and make sense of them. It is also helpful to understand the characteristics of the people around us.

Study Their Habitats and Habits

Do they live on land, in the water, can they fly?
Are they pack animals or loners or both?
What do they eat? How do they hunt and capture their prey?

Powerful Shamanic Medicine

Some native people made their medicine bags of the skin of the otter. They respect the powerful healing medicine of the otter.

Otters Love to Play

When you have the opportunity to watch otters playing in the water, their curious antics can quickly lighten your mood and uplift your emotions.

Life of the Party

If you’re the life of the party, bold, clever yet helpful and gentle, you are sharing the otter’s characteristics. People with the otter animal totem are often playful and fun to be with.

Learn to Use the Power

Otter people may need to learn to control their playful energy. Their fun nature could be disruptive in a classroom or a meeting. As children, they are challenged in understanding why others don’t laugh as much as they do. When they become masterful in using their humour as a tool to break the tension, they help everyone to get in the flow and not to take themselves too seriously.

Family Unit

As a family unit, both parents raise the little ones who stay with the parents longer than most wild animals. They are loyal mates. When otters lose their mate they mourn the death of their companion for several months.

Sun Bear Speaks

“People of this totem are like the otter in another important respect. They seem to feel that it is their duty to keep other humans in good grace in the eyes of the world. They are visionary and humanitarian, often spending much of their time and energy searching for ways in which they can help their fellow humans. They truly enjoy being of service to people and dreaming of new ways in which they can serve.”

My Otter Friends

A couple of my otter friends come to mind; one is a massage therapist and the other is a coach. I can rely on their gift of really listening to me. What I love most is that they listen to what I say and what I don’t say and their caring heart calls me on my shit.

Apply Otter Medicine

We all live in a very serious world, let’s have more fun, joy and laughter. What’s one fun thing that you can do today? Please share you fun with others. That’s ZESTY.

Celebrity Otter People:

Ellen DeGeneres
Michael Jordan
Justin Timberlake
Abraham Lincoln
Oprah Winfrey
Bob Marley
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Jennifer Aniston
Christian Bale
Christina Ricci
Paris Hilton