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Flicker Animal Totem

Dates: Jun 21- Jul 22

According to Sun Bear’s Earth astrology, the flicker is the animal totem of people born between Jun 21- Jul 22. The corresponding sun sign in zodiac astrology is Cancer.

Animal totems can help us to reconnect with life’s greatest teachers, to understand our own patterns and behaviours and make sense of them. It is also helpful to understand the characteristics of the people around us. Study the habitats and habits of the animal totems.

Powerful Medicine and Wisdom Teachings

Learn to use the power of the flicker:

“Flicker people need to learn about their own sense of security and their personal need to find a spiritual direction that helps them to channel the life energy that always flows through all of us.”

Flickers are members of the woodpecker family. 

Woodpeckers spend most of their time in the trees, flickers are more grounded. Both have a variety of sounds that they make and during mating season they display great musical talents. They are master drummers connecting to the beat of the planet, the heartbeat of other animals and the rhythm of the world.

The Flicker is one of my personal animal totems.

Distinctive Markings

They are beautiful birds with stunning markings. Often it has a red patch on the back of the head and a black crescent on its upper breast.  The red patch reflects a stimulation of the chakra centres of the head–the throat, brow, and crown centers. The black crescent reflects the phase of the new moon. Ted Andrews–Animal-Speak

Meaningful Toes

Unlike most birds, they have two toes in front and two toes in back on its feet. If this is your totem, it can reflect a new balance coming into your life, regardless of the conditions. When there is balance, this is greater health.

Watch for a new rhythm and the ability and opportunity to manifest all-healing love.

Sun Bear speaks

Your colour: Pink

You plant: wild rose. You may want to try some rose hip tea or rose petal tea.

Your mineral: carnelian agate

Words to describe you: warm, sensitive, nurturing, intense, vulnerable, loving.

My flicker friends and family members could certainly be described this way.

I love to watch the flickers, particularly in the spring and fall when they are abundant in numbers during migration. I’ve had flock of 8, 10, 15 on my lawn feasting on the insects.

Celebrity flicker people:

Ariana Grande

Selena Gomez

Tom Hanks

Meryl Streep

Sandra Oh – Canadian

Malala Yousafzai

Tom Cruise

Will Ferrell

Priyanka Chopra

Missy Elliott

Lindsay Lohan

Jessica Simpson

Pamela Anderson

Harrison Ford

Ringo Starr

Cindi Lauper

Sylvester Stallone

Forest Whitaker

Kevin Bacon