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Years ago, life’s unexpected twists led me to a profound discovery—the clarity and power of genuine connection to myself.

And I know that you may struggle for meaningful change and establishing a genuine connection to yourself as well.

It’s time to establish a true and profound relationship with the person you are now, rekindle the spirit of the little girl or boy within you, and embrace the woman you’ve longed to be.

It’s time to rethink your life and what you want your future to look like.

How a Wake-Up Call Led to Personal Transformation

Does your life feel as if it has unraveled?  Mine did as well.

Life Unraveled

It was a beautiful Sunday morning in November and I considered myself invincible. I was juggling a successful career on Parliament Hill and cherishing my role as a wife and mother of two great teenagers. Life had other plans, and I was thrust into a 860 day health crisis – two and a half years of feeling lost, powerless, and dragged through each day. Can you relate?

After the crisis had cleared, everything appeared brighter, more vibrant, and almost mystical. I had a new lust, a thirst to live to the fullest. But yet, my soul needed more.

Seeking Spiritual Clarity and Confidence

My body had healed. And yet, my soul and spirit sought answers and I went searching.  After years of trauma, loss, and pain I longed to be restored. To make all things new, to lift me up and connect with my Spirit and the commitments of my Soul Contract. 

Over the years, authors, gurus, wise women women, and men have been my teachers about the Goddess tradition, mysteries, and more. Yet, it was formal shamanic studies gathered from around the world including Egypt, Africa, Anglo, Christianity, Judaism, North America, Tibet, and more that brought me clarity. When I applied these ancient wisdom teachings my life has elevated.

Unlocking Spiritual Clarity with Z.E.S.T.

The answers were hidden in the acronym Z.E.S.T. and the practice of Shamanism.  Both held the key to a powerful realization that would come to me later on my journey and change my life. Now I know. If it’s not ZESTY, it’s not sustainable.

What aspects of your life would you like to change or grow?

Embarking on a Shamanic Journey for Spiritual Clarity

To reconnect with myself, I embarked on a Shamanic Journey, outside, in the woods, by myself…just me and millions of mosquitos. I realized I was strong enough, courageous enough and determined enough to do that, I could do anything.

Shamanism, the oldest spiritual path in the world, is a path of exploration, discovery and healing and it pulled me right where I needed to go. To healing me in all aspects: emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, and sexual catalyst.

Incorporating Shamanic Sacred Practices into Everyday Life

I would love to say that it all came together on that night… it didn’t. It took me years to figure it all out and I now use the same Ancient Wisdom Teachings and Sacred Practices I teach you in my #1 Int’l best-selling book: ZEST Your Life–A Taste of Inner Wisdom.  This book is encoded with the Wisdom Teachings you need. Each part of the book closes with ZESTERS – actions you take to awaken the ZEST within you. ZESTERS are, in fact, Sacred Practices that can guide you on a path of self-discovery and healing.

Where are the Answers?

Have you gazed at the stars, stared into a candle flame or tried automatic writing waiting for a magical download? As entertaining as these are you won’t find your answers there.

Nothing in your life will change until you change it. To understand and control your life you need to have a clear vision for your life in all aspects: emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, and sexual catalyst.

Your First Step to Clarity and Confidence

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Together, we’ll embark on a path of self-discovery and healing. Let’s link arms and transform our lives together.

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