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Beaver Animal Totem

Dates: Apr 20- May 20

According to Sun Bear’s Earth astrology, the Beaver is the animal totem of people born between Apr 20- May 20. The corresponding sun sign in zodiac astrology is Taurus.

Animal totems can help us to reconnect with life’s greatest teachers, to understand our own patterns and behaviours and make sense of them. It is also helpful to understand the characteristics of the people around us. Study the habitats and habits of the animal totems

Do they live on land, in the water, can they fly?

Beavers live on land and in water. Beaver people must be happily grounded on the earth plane before they can discover the spiritual aspirations that are also within them.

Powerful Medicine and Wisdom Teachings

The animal Beaver and the humans who have Beaver as their totems share many of these characteristics: independent, hardworking, stubborn (they will rebuild their lodge even after it’s been destroyed) and grounded.

Sun Bear Speaks

Beaver people appear lucky, although often their apparent luck comes about as a result of hard work, and a practicality that lets them know when to be at the right place at the right time.

They have strong bodies (they can chop and haul trees) and can enjoy good health, as long as they remember to curb their tendency to overindulge. They are very stable people, and they are most comfortable being in situations that allow them to retain whatever stability that they can.

Just like my Beaver friends, a Beaver needs its pond to remain safe from predators.

When they travel or change their environments, they like to do so in a systematic a way as possible. They feel most comfortable having at least some familiar things around them.

Like humans, Beavers are the only animal capable of changing its environment drastically in order to provide for its own peace, security and contentment. 

The colour of Beaver people is blue. For them it signifies tranquility and psychological contentment stemming from a feeling of peace and happiness. These feelings that come from the colour blue are necessary for Beaver people to have before they can work with the spiritual aspects of this colour.

Adult Beavers never stop growing. And neither to the teeth.

The Beaver is the largest rodent in the country, the second largest in the world. 

Born in the spring, they are constantly growing. A Beaver can be as much as 3 to 4 feet long. While it is a land animal, it spends a lot of time in the water. Its lungs and cardiovascular system are designed to allow it to store enough oxygen to remain underwater for 15 minutes or more.


They need to keep enough food to last through the winter, when it’s more difficult to get trees, the staple of the Beavers diet. The leaves in the sweet inner bark and use the logs for construction.

Life of the party?

Beaver people don’t talk much, when they are not certain of their surroundings or the people in them. Once they get to know people, however, they will express their thoughts quite readily. 

Their feelings are another thing.

They can hold back as effectively as a Beaver’s dam holds back the water. Beaver people must learn to let their feelings out a little at a time or they run the risk of someday being drowned in a flash flood of emotion. 


They have to firmly guard against becoming too stubborn or unmoving in any of their thoughts, feelings or actions, or they can effectively block the flow of life’s energy which sustains them. Remember their sun sign is the Taurus–strong and not easy to move.

If Beaver people don’t learn to express more feelings and to accept life with its changes, they can become very stubborn and unhappy, and will, in this condition, overindulged themselves in food, drink or anything else that will dull their feeling of discontent.

Beavers are family oriented

Beavers mate for life, and usually live in colonies five. They are affectionate parents who keep their children around for two years, or until the next litter of kits comes.

These folks are very good friends to have. 

Apply the Beaver energy

You may have noticed, as people from other totems travel through this place on the wheel,(the calendar year), they can learn how to set their own houses in order on this earth plane, so that, what ever they seek, they can seek it from a place of tranquillity and contentment. i.e. Spring cleaning. They can also learn the value of stability, of patience and perseverance, and they can learn better how to root themselves in the earth mother who sustains us all.

Added notes: I’ve been married to a Beaver for several decades. I can attest to the fact that he shares much of this description. 

Ted Andrews, author of Animal-Speak, reminds me that he’s an excellent swimmer, has extra-large lung capacity, studied engineering, he’s especially fascinated by bridges.

If Beaver has come into your life, ask yourself some important questions. 

Have you been neglecting your most basic dreams? 

Are your dreams in need of some repair work? 

Are you or others around you becoming too lost in their dreams – always dreaming and never acting upon them? 

Is your home in need of repair? 

Remember that the beaver reminds us that we have to act on our dreams to make them reality when it shows up, it’s a time for action beaver can show you how to construct wonderful dreams.

My special gift to you:

Your dreams are waiting for you to step into your leadership and into your power.


Let me know what resonates with you.

Celebrity Beaver people:

Queen Elizabeth. As the ultimate matriarch within the Royal Family, Queen Elizabeth exhibits her Taurus staying power!

One of America’s most beloved stars, Kelly Clarkson knows how to bring the laughs and the emotions on television. 

Legendary actress and everyone’s favorite Catwoman, Michelle Pfeiffer exudes the irresistible calm and power of a Taurus. 

Tauruses are known for their physical strength, sensuality and sex appeal. David Beckham knows how to work the field or the red carpet.

Global songstress, Adele’s stars shine brightly upon her now and in the years to come. 

Living legend, George Clooney knows his worth

Always known for his sultry allure and global appeal, Enrique Iglesias was born on May 8.

Mark Zuckerberg As one of the most business saavy zodiac signs, Tauruses know how to build an empire. 

George Lucas Visionary world-builder, George Lucas has created one of the most successful franchises of all time

Janet Jackson Tauruses are an Earth sign, which is why they like to be grounded as much as possible. 

Cher As an Earth sign, Tauruses love money and are great with it.