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Here’s an easy, proven method to discover, clarify, and ask for the dreams and desires that you want in your life.

When you’re in a state of confusion, questioning and disarray, it is difficult to have satisfaction in your life.

When I try to sort out and think about what I want in my life, I just add to the confusion. The committee who lives in my head has a debate about what is doable and not doable; what dream is too big and what dream is not big enough; and what is ‘practical’ and what is ‘irrational’. Whew! It’s exhausting to think about what I want.

My preferred method of achieving clarity for my life is to NOT think about it. But, knowing exactly what you want in your life will make life much easier. And I now have an easy, proven method to discover, clarify, and ask for the dreams and desires that you want in your life.

Here’s what works…

1. Make a list of at least 50 wishes, dreams and desires you want in your life. Don’t think about it, just let it flow.
You need at least 50 to get you to the “whacky wishes”. For most people the first 10 or 20 are easy and then they think they’re done. Don’t give up, just keep writing; you may be surprised with what makes it on to your list.
You may list a certain dollar amount but, also ask for what that money would buy.
A Dominican University study shows that when you write down your wishes, dreams and what you want in your life, you have an 80% better chance of making them come true.
Note: I use a dedicated journal for my Dreams & Desires list, so I always know where it is.

True stories:

– She was in her 50s and wanted to go to NASCAR racing school.
She not only went to NASCAR racing school – she went with her adult daughter!

– They went to the boat show and picked up a brochure for the pontoon boat they wanted to buy in a few years.
Years later, they got the exact boat that was on the brochure – in mint condition and at a great price!

– Ten years ago, she had just graduated from university and wanted a full-time job that payed more than 50K/year.
She got that and more!

2. Check your list. The list should include items that will bring you joy and ZEST in the emotional, physical, mental, spiritual aspects. Imagine the feeling you will have when each one of these is manifested in your life.

3. Take action to bring yourself closer to your dreams & desires. Making a list is a good start but, showing the initiative to get the ball rolling will increase the positive energy to make it manifest.

4. Date your list.

5. When you review your list in 6 months or a year you will be able to check off all the items you have received. I prefer not to cross out the items I have received, I just put a check beside them.

Dream Your Best Dream Ever! You’ll be glad you did.

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