According to Sun Bear’s Earth astrology the snake is the animal totem of people born between October 24 and November 21. The corresponding sun sign in the zodiac astrology is Scorpio.

Scorpios endure the common myths that they are sex charged, scary and have a sharp sting. Interestingly, the snake totem has similar associations made with it. Snakes wriggle around in large groups that look to be sexually charged; snakes are scary and snakes have a sharp bite. Such a narrow definition is unfair and too limited for anyone. All sun signs and animal totems can learn much from each other.

The snake totem’s lessons are only learned when we can get past the myths and beliefs that surround it. Snake people embrace change, transformation and re-birth. They can help you heal old wounds, charge your energy and gain a new perspective.

Snake people can be on their own and fiercely independent with a sharp mind and a sharp tongue. They also have a need to be sociable in large groups. They like to engage their mind, their words and their wit.

Several times a year, snakes shed their skin because they have outgrown their old skin. Rock piles and wood piles are ideal for the snake to squeeze itself into a tight spot and with a little squirming it emerges renewed. Snake people excel at getting themselves out of tough situations. Have you outgrown you old skin? Are you ready to leave the old behind and find your dream and desires so that you create a new life for yourself?

Snake people change the energy in the space that they are in. When there is a group of people and someone sees a snake, the energy charges immediately. Everyone is more alert, awake, and alive. Snake people have this space-changing, energizing impact more than any other totem, the snake people can change the energy in a space. They can heighten the energy at a party and liven things up. They can provide you with the charge you need to bring change into your life. They are also skillful at bringing calm, healing energy to a space. Perhaps that is why the World Health Organization has a snake wrapped on a rod on their logo and two snakes wrapped on a rod is on the logos of Medical Associations?

Until November 21, during this time of the snake, be aware of your own energy and how you can change the energy and space around you. Smile more and watch how many more smiles are sent your way. Smiling releases endorphins in the brain which bring a feeling of happiness. Smile and let the transformation begin!

Celebrity snake people:

Demi Moore

Julia Roberts

Margaret Atwood

Hilary Clinton

Meg Ryan

Indira Gandhi

Bill Gates

Ryan Gosling

Leonardo DiCaprio

Prince Charles

To Your ZEST!


November 2, 2012