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Don’t you just love hearing stories about women who have ZEST? I think about the women who leave their home country, their friends and family to settle in a new land. They often don’t know the language, the customs and the expectations but they want to have a better life. Their stories of courage, character and spirit are always fascinating, heartwarming and uplifting.

Reflecting on the stories of ZEST! power & perseverance in your own life is a sure way to awaken your ZEST! This can be done alone but it’s so much more fun to share our stories. Gather a few friends together. Look back on your life and find the time when you felt most powerful; when you felt filled with your powerful ZEST! (whatever you define as ZEST!) What power-filled ZEST! stories come to mind?  Stay in that story until you can feel it in your body. Write it down. Share it.

In your ZEST! stories the person you were born to be emerges renewed and power-filled. When you are in your ZEST! you wear no masks; you are your authentic self.

Hold the ZEST! and you will expand your ZEST!. This is important because it is your powerful woman with ZEST! who has the courage to dream. It is your powerful woman with ZEST! who makes your dreams come true.

We are very good at replaying the pain tapes now let’s start practicing replaying the power-filled ZEST! tapes. Thinking and talking about power-filled ZEST! stories is a gain in energy.

Send me your power-filled ZEST! stories; I would love to hear them.

To Your ZEST!