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Want to read the .pdf documents on your Kindle? There’s a great app to do that. Go to this URL https://chrome.google.com/webstore/search/send%20to%20kindle?hl=en Search for “Send to Kindle”, download it and you’ll be able to send the .pdf to your Kindle. It looks like this:


ZEST Your Life Exercise Workbook This workbook is the perfect format to complete the exercises included in the book.”You can read the book and do the exercises on your own, but the process is even more effective and powerful when you gather a few women and go through the book together. An energy and vibration frequency attracts women to share their lives and stories.” Exercise Workbook

Let’s Walk Through the Exercises (Book Club Format) Together. Access all the videos here.

Affirmations  Print these affirmations on Avery5160 mailing labels. Put them on your phone, your cosmetics, on gifts, on your business cards, wear them on your lapel, give them to friends – “Share the ZEST – it’s a movement.”  “The affirmations throughout the book concisely summarize the information presented and focus your intention on applying it. As you reflect on these truths, this wisdom becomes so integrated into your thinking and mindset that you won’t remember a time when you did not feel fully awake, aware, and awesome.” Affirmations Avery labels 5160/8160

Masks  Chapter 7 – Emotional Masks
Values  Chapter 21 Values: Maps That Guide You. These values cards can be printed on plain paper and cut out or they can be printed on Avery Perforated Business Cards #5371. Values cards basic | Additional values cards Lake Meditation Enjoy this 18-20 minute recorded meditation from page 40. Music Chapter 26 “Listen to spiritual music that will open your heart to love. I like to choose music that doesn’t remind me of anything; it has no holds to images or past thoughts.” Here’s the link to Patrick Bernard’s music. You can all search his name and find music that is free to download. Patrick Bernard Music Enjoy.