Every day we decide what we’ll do and where we’ll expend our energy. I call it ROIT. Return On Invested Time. You’ve heard of ROI, Return on Investment, that usually means investing money. Time is our most precious resource. Don’t you agree that we should carefully consider ROIT at least as much as ROI, maybe even more?

Everything you do is an investment of time and energy. Here is the one and only question you need to help you decide where and how to invest your time and energy: Does this give me energy or will it cost me energy? What are the benefits?

This question can be applied to our personal and business life. Some days working out gives me energy and other days it will cost me energy. In business, we have to decide on a short term pain for long term gain or getting the immediate urgency done. Like doing the marketing piece, usually social media, done right away.

There’s a lot to be said for not procrastinating and putting things off. One the other hand, sometimes your energy is better invested in something else. When you have several options that all give you energy, you’ll need to prioritize their importance so that you know which to do first. More about that in another blog.

Try to eliminate everything and anything that sucks the life energy out of you. Ask questions: Does this absolutely have to be done? Does it need to be done by me? Does it have to be done as often as I do it? Social media posting is a good example. It may need to be done for your business. It can be done by someone else and is posting 7 times a day really necessary and beneficial.

Where you invest your time and energy has a direct influence on your emotions, your physical body, your mental state and your spiritual essence. Trust your inner guidance and your intuition to help you to decide your ROIT – Return On Invested Time.