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“From the moment Linda takes the stage, her contagious smile and positive energy draws in the audience and invites them on a journey. Linda’s message is always on point and her ability to move people to action makes her the perfect communicator for any crowd. I highly recommend her for your event.”

~ Rob Dale, Rhapsody Strategies, Coach Mentor


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Interview with Candace Gish September 2016

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Linda Babulic



Linda Babulic is a motivational speaker, momondays Ottawa host, and author. “What I do is help people find a new perspective and see the joy in their life. I provide people with a different way of looking at things, a different attitude. Instead of the glass being half empty it could be half full,” she said. As the momondays Ottawa host, the lively and vibrant Babulic brings together six speakers every month to “tell a story from the heart.” She said she loves how the show connects people and changes lives. She wants people to walk away from a momondays show feeling like they are in control of their own lives; there is hope, love and a sense of community. “It’s also what I want them to walk away with when they read my book,” she said. ZEST Your Life: A Taste of Inner Wisdom. With the goal of impacting one million women, Babulic’s inspirational work compiles research, anecdotes and personal wisdom. She said she is looking forward to getting on more stages and speaking to larger audiences in the coming year.

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